Thursday, 25 February 2010

Perfume Power!

Hey all, this is kind of a random post, but perfume is a part of all things beautiful so I'll chuck it in.
Now, like everyone i do enjoy smelling nice, however I've never been a perfume fiend. I get perfume as a gift and pilfer perfume from other people. If it runs out, i usually don't bother getting another one, i just continue to steal from siblings and my mother and friends.

But i thought its time to shape up, and have always liked the perfume oils i would get as gifts from family abroad. It lasts longer and because they usually come in these dinky bottles, very handbag friendly ( especially for clutch and other wee bags on a night out).

So i had read up about perfume oils a while back but had seen only American sites. Being the fool i was i hadn't even thought to check for a UK one ( Duh!). Anyway i don't remember how, but i stumbled across this site, perfume Parlour

They sell identikit versions of designer fragrances. At like more than half price. They also sell original fragrance oils and Arabian oils.

I ordered 3, 3ml roll on perfume bottles. Now the only perfume that i could recall off of the top of my head was YSL Cinema,which i adored so i bought the i also bought Tommy girl, as i recalled that was the "one" when i was 11. I also bought Miss Cherie by Dior. Well the smellalikes.

Big Plus, free shipping within the UK.
So they come in these really nice pouches, which are really nice and great for gifts.
Only downside they took exactly a week to come, but there was no dispatch email or anything so i was a bit like hmmmm.( with free shipping i can't complain too much)

Down to the smell.
The cinema-like, smelt spot on a very close if not exact
Tommy Girl- very very close

Now i must confess, i had never smelt miss Cherie before. Why had I not? The smell is just not for me at all. ( I think it should be renamed Mr Cherie, nothing feminine about it) I mean if you like that sort of thing its an exact match, seriously email me if you want to take it off my hands. I don't want it!


They last, I've been wearing the cinemaesque for 8 hours now and i can still smell it on me. The Miss Cherie lasted until the next day no lie( urrrghhh).

Overall, i am going to buy loads and get myself a little collection, they are well worth the money, great quality pure oils with no alcohol. I am just really thrilled actually! Big thumbs up.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Its been a long time shouldn't have left you without a ..........

Name that song! Answers on a postcard, winners get a button.

Anyhew it has been ages, a new year, a new day a new dawn!
Where have i been, just mooching around. Blog writing is haaaaaard.
Anyway i now make a solemn promise to post regularly.

Now i'll ease in with quite a short simple post.
An ode to soap.

Now i have *extra extra this just in! Dry skin* and i try and keep an eye on natural ingredients( sometimes) so i found a soap that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and works great and has few ingredients - Saponified olive oil, water and mineral salts. Thats it.

Oliva olive oil soap

It is not drying to my skin( i use it on my body only)
has a very faint smell. I can't really desribe it( i asked my brother- according to him it smells like oily chalk). It lathers up quite well, which is usually a concern for some people.
Having used this for over a year it has become a staple, its quite readily available( Holland and Barretts on the high street) and online. It seems it is something of a cult classic- I'm late.

Green box, rectangle slab, no frills but a great product.

For 89p (i've seen it at up to £1.15) usually, its not outrageously priced like the majority of natural products. So if you have dry or sensitive skin give it a try.