Thursday, 17 September 2009

Do you Bat for Lashes?

Wet and Wild is a budget American cosmetics brand that i had heard was good on the web. I didn't know that it had launched in England but it had- via the web. So i had high hopes when a few months ago everything was on sale. I was sorely disappointed and my wetnwild products were destined never to see the light of day until about 6 weeks ago when scrambling round for a mascara my stubby fingers clasped this. Wet and Wild's Mega Wink Mascara.
This is a bloody good mascara. It is a curved wand mascara that is smaller than usual(its not pocket sized- but smaller than the average mascara tube) and it may be a placebo but i feel it defines and lengthen my lashes. ( i always use lash curlers so the curl factor is not something i'm looking for). I would put it on a par with Bourjois/Maybelline and other drugstore/chemist/non high-end mascara's i have used in the past. For £1.99 it is a bargain! Apart from this and the lip liners everything else i used was awful, and this is the only thing i will ever repurchase.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

What's in a name? that which we call a rose

Everyone loves products that you can use on more than one part of the body.
One of these is Rosewater Glycerine.
It is a great moisturiser for Kinky/Curly hair- just pop it in a spray bottle and for someone like me with very dry skin it is excellent when incorporated into a skincare regimine.
It is less sticky and thick than its half-sister Glycerine.
After washing my face, and whilst it is still damp i use a cotton wool ball to apply to my face and then i apply my sunscreen(or coconut oil and then sunscreen).
Since i have done this i have had zero flakes(yayy!) and when it was hot, i could get away with the rosewater only( i think as winter approaches i will have to add the coconut oil). My skin feels moisturised and i feel it looks better.
You can buy rosewater and glycerine seperately if you cannot find them combined. I use a brand that is readily available in Afro hair shops- Eternal Beauty Rosewater Glycerine. It has only two ingredients, Pure Glycerine B.P and Rosewater(the Glycerine is vegetable and is approved by the UK Vegetarian society).
I know that Boots also sell RWG as part of their retro "Original beauty" range.
You can use it on the whole of your body and add it your bath if you wish as a moisturising treat.
Good stuff

Ohh as you can see i bought it for £1.79 and it is a staple.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Pink Elephants and Lemonade

At Superdrug Collection 2000 dazzle me! Eye dust, is half price , i think each pot is just under £1.50 till the end of the month, so i thought i would do a post on them.
I've used them sporadically for the last year or two and for bright colours at cheap prices that last i think they are great for experimentation and cheaper than many of the other bedazzled /razzle/glam/fairy pot/ eye pollen dusts, which are produced by nearly all makeup brands at the drugstore( what is the english version, chemist?, just doesn't sound right)

Using my 8 year old glamorous assistant Nadia , i used Collection 2000 dazzle me! Eye dust in sugarplum. It is a cute colour which is quiteiridescent and multifaceted, it looks like you are actually wearing two eyeshadows as it starts off a golden lemony colour before developing into the pink.
The crappy Camera phone pictures do not do it justice and although it is twinkly it is not glittery as the pictures suggest.

They actually last a decent amount of time too( i have dry lids though so factor them in)
They have a lot of shades and if you don't like it at least you haven't paid too much.
The website

Available at all Superdrugs to the best of my knowledge

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Laval Cosmetics

Laval Cosmetics are a cheap brand of make up that you usually find in the chemist, the market and little shops. Like nearly all product lines, things are hit and miss, but for the price i think you can experiment. Most of the products i have seen start at £1 and go up to £3 maybe more.

I have used, the lip pencil, the jumbo eyeshadow pencils( as a base), and little things here and there, but i must make this post about the one thing i cannot live without.
Laval Blusher in Chincilla. It is my holy grail blush and i love me some blush!
Where do i start, i bought this for 2 quid in a market and went back and bought another one. I just love the colour, it gives a warm rich colour and it lasts all day.
No camera(i'm working on it!) so no swatches(boo!) but it is a lovely colour.
It comes in 6 shades: Cinnamon, Chincilla, Peach Haze, Damson, Frosted Pink, Mulberry, Terracotta, Russet and Tawny.

You can purchase from here, for £1.50