Saturday, 12 September 2009

What's in a name? that which we call a rose

Everyone loves products that you can use on more than one part of the body.
One of these is Rosewater Glycerine.
It is a great moisturiser for Kinky/Curly hair- just pop it in a spray bottle and for someone like me with very dry skin it is excellent when incorporated into a skincare regimine.
It is less sticky and thick than its half-sister Glycerine.
After washing my face, and whilst it is still damp i use a cotton wool ball to apply to my face and then i apply my sunscreen(or coconut oil and then sunscreen).
Since i have done this i have had zero flakes(yayy!) and when it was hot, i could get away with the rosewater only( i think as winter approaches i will have to add the coconut oil). My skin feels moisturised and i feel it looks better.
You can buy rosewater and glycerine seperately if you cannot find them combined. I use a brand that is readily available in Afro hair shops- Eternal Beauty Rosewater Glycerine. It has only two ingredients, Pure Glycerine B.P and Rosewater(the Glycerine is vegetable and is approved by the UK Vegetarian society).
I know that Boots also sell RWG as part of their retro "Original beauty" range.
You can use it on the whole of your body and add it your bath if you wish as a moisturising treat.
Good stuff

Ohh as you can see i bought it for £1.79 and it is a staple.

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