Saturday, 22 May 2010

Doris Michaels Eyeshadow Palette

I reviewed the DM bronzer below and love it. Now to my next favourite product is the Doris Michaels 18 eyeshadow palette. There are 18 miniature shades that look like this

There are no individual names but the shadows or "eyepolish" as my two year old nephew calls them, are numbered from 1 to 18, in the first row the pale pink is No1, the yellow No2, the bronze No3 and so on.

My swatches didn't turn out the best. ( Camera Phone + No skills) I did however swatch my favourite colours and the ones that i think are worth purchasing the palette for. There are some chalky colours that don't go on well and are very faint. These are mainly the frosty white, orange, yellow and frosty pale pink. The best colours are the brown- which is a true dark brown and it is very hard to get a matte dark brown that looks good for a cheap price. The two bronze golds(they are above each other in the picture), the golden rose colour and the sea green are my favourites.

All of the colours in this swatch go on well, are pigmented enough to show up on dark skin and they do last.
Also two  looks  i did. I apologise again for camera quality.


  1. Nice look with the multiple shadows. I like the blending

  2. Aww thanks i did kinda just plop on my eyeshadow lol