Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Learn your lines

This is a review of Laval Dip Eyeliner  in Black.

My favourite liquid liner. It is also not very easy to get. I have to use Ebay to find it.

Now Laval are a company based in Warrington, that are export only. However you can find laval products on discount websites, eBay and market stalls. I bought my first liner from a market stall and it lasted a good while and when i went back there were no more! Laval also have another liquid liner, but although the formulation and staying power is the same, the brush is different.

The laval dip eyeliner has more of a nib tip like a pen that gives me more control, whereas the other liquid eyeliner ( that comes in a cylinder form) is more of a teeny brush.

I love this liner because it is very black.  It's often hard to get a black liner that is really black.  It does not dry shiny ( like some other brands *cough Doris michaels*) and it doesn't flake or get that weird crackling effect that can often happen with cheap liners. Oh and its also very cheap. Its most valued aspect however is that it lasts. It has lasted me until the next day( yes i didn't wash my face before going to bed and yes I'm aware I will be doomed because of this) with out a smudge. I don't know whats in it but it won't budge. surprisingly it's not difficult to remove.

Its con is, that it's not available on the high street but if you poke around Ebay long enough you can find it. It's usually under £3 and for that price its fantastic.

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