Friday, 2 September 2011

Sleek Blush in Suede. Nude collection, on Dark skin

I really wanted to like this blush. I really wanted to. I adore Sleek Avoir La Peche Collection Pan Tao Blush and I had seen some pictures of Suede on the interweb and I was excited. I love browns, neutrals whatever you want to call them. This collection would be for me!
But Alas 'twas not to be.
Umm yeah, it's not nude really for darker skinned folk. Its more a light pink mauve. Oh and kind of...ashy.
I really actually packed a lot on my brush several times on the swatch on my arm. It just does not show up well on my skin.

This is the second time I've been duped by sleek blushers!!!! ( Side eyes sunset)Well it was my fault, I swatched it in superdrug and valiantly thought it would magically change colours at home ( because y'know the store lights distort colours)
Basically if you're my complexion or darker than me it'll leave you a chalky mess IMO. It just won't show up. I might try it over/under bronzer , and its ok as an eyeshadow. Oh well you win some you lose some.

( do you see how i thought i was going to get something BROWN. Sleek Y U lie to me?)
I took a look and a swatch of the Nude palette. The first six shades ( the lighter side)would take an act of god to show up on my skin or look in any way shape or form attractive. However the latter 6 shades had two or 3 nice shadows, there was a nice dark gold number that caught my eye. However i just think its wasteful to buy a palette and then not use half. So i bought a dress instead.

SO yeah all in all Sleek's nude collection looks really nice. But NOT IF YOU'RE BLACKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Its ok Girl, maybe they'll be something for us in the next collection)

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