Thursday, 15 October 2009

Denise. Denise oh with your eyes so blu...BLACK

Eastenders. I hate Eastenders and its ridiculous plot lines which pretend to have some sort of rooting in reality. ( I stopped watching after Tiffany was mowed down.) However it is the most watched soap, so its pretty hard to escape.

This post is about Denise Fox (portrayed by Diane Parish).
It is about her makeup.
It is about her hideous makeup.
In particularly her eyeshadow. Pitch Black. Spread throughout the whole lid. From lashline to crease. Nothing, nothing but black.

I pray tell me, why on earth this is done? Denise/Diane has small lids, so filling that with black, does what exactly?

I don't know if the makeup artist is stuck in a 1996 time warp.( Denise sports purple lipstick as well) Or if this is a personal preference( the first picture is at an awards ceremony- more of the same!)

Well whoever it is, why not some experimentation? Try some other hues. Bronze, green, gold anything!

We will not nor ever be discussing Chelsea's headband/Half wig combos. OK?

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