Saturday, 10 October 2009

That girl is poison........

Sleek nailed polish in poision ivy( it is nailed polish not nail) i have worn this week. After 5 days it is chipped, but with a base coat, top coat and 2-3 coats in between you get three days chip free. Since i wear my polish till it chips away( i'm naasty like that)i don't really care.

Its a deep dark green which is flattering on all skin tones

Even though there is something about sleek the company that disturbs my spirit( like if something really bad comes out about them like they make orphans cry and then harness that to power their machinery) , i have to say i love the shades they have in their nail polishes and i have poison ivy, millionaire and Barbie. For only £1.99 they are great to play around with and 25 shades to choose from.

The "website" which will probably become a real site when i turn 70

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