Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Boots 17 Photo flawless Lashes mascara

Since my beloved Wet and Wild mega  wink dried up and is now discontinued, i've been looking for a mascara alternative.

Like looking for life's one true love finding a good mascara is difficult. The amount out there is overwhelming and it is a vital makeup tool, even those that proudly proclaim they don't wear makeup have a mascara somewhere.

Anyway i had seen good reviews for this mascara ( ok a grand total of 2) and i thought hey this will work for me and its affordable!

Well there was a catch, it does and it also doesn't.

I was so upset when i first used it. I found the brush practically submerged in gunk, it was hard to use, clumpy, the brush was too big and mascara got all over my eyelids.

As time went on i had to modifiy the way i used it. Its not something i can just brush on quickly, i have to look in the mirror downwards, make sure to go slow and steady and try not to come out with black stuff all over my eyes.

It comes in several different "pearlescent colours" as the brochure claims, i bought black/green- it does nothing to brighten my eyes as it claims too. The black/gold is for brown eyes but it wasn't in stock at the time.

It does lengthen my lashes and makes them look good, however it is far too cumbersome for me and when this finishes i will not be repurchasing.

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